All-New Tata Intra BS6 Trucks Unveiled

All-New Tata Intra BS6 Trucks Unveiled

Tata Motors | May 28, 2021 7:37 am
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For TATA Motors, BS6 migration not only meant meeting emission norms but also increasing competitiveness of the products by creating higher value for customers. As part of this commitment to the customers, the Intra V10 BS6 and Intra V30 BS6 range of pickups were launched. These BS6 pickups follow the new emission norms put forth by the Government of India & emit lesser pollutants like Hydrocarbons (HC), Particulate Matter (PM) and Nitrogen Oxide (NOx).

While still compact in size, everything else about the new Tata Intra BS6 Intra pickups is bigger and a whole lot better. In short, they pack-in the Promise of 6 i.e. Bigger Vehicle, Bigger Performance, Bigger Power, Bigger Comfort, Bigger Savings and Bigger Earnings.

Intra V10 has a 2 cylinder 798 cm3 DI engine whereas the Intra V30 has a 1496 cm3 DI engine. While the Intra V30 can accelerate from 0 to 60 kmph in a mere 13.86 seconds, Intra V10 can achieve the same feat in 18 seconds. A 175 mm ground clearance and best in class gradeability make these pickups a breeze to drive, even on difficult, bumpy & high gradeability terrains.

A new age walk through cabin ensures better driver comfort & stress-free experience ensuring an increase in productivity. The ergonomically designed seats and pedal controls ensure that driver fatigue is less compared to other vehicles in this segment. Electric Power Assisted Steering (EPAS) eases the effort taken to manoeuvre the vehicle while driving through traffic conditions. A smaller turning circle radius further enhances the manoeuvrability while taking sharp turns. Intra V10 has a turning circle radius of 4.75m whereas that of Intra V30 is 5.25m.

For the more discerning customers, Intra is also available with an air-conditioned cabin. The gear lever is positioned on the dashboard & the 5 speed gear box with cable shift mechanism ensures a pleasurable driving experience.

The chassis of Intra range of pickups is manufactured using hydroforming process which means that there are lesser welding joints on the chassis resulting in higher structural strength, more durability and lower NVH levels. The semi-elliptical leaf spring suspension ensures high load carrying capability of the pickup. (Intra V10 – 6 leaves in the front & 7 leaves in the rear. Intra V30 – 5 leaves in the front & 8 leaves in the rear)

The new gen Intra range of pickups come with an eco-switch and gear shift advisor which ensure best in class fuel efficiency. Intra V10 has a loading area of 2 512 mm x 1 603 mm (8.2 feet x 5.3 feet) whereas Intra V30 has a loading are of 2 690 mm x 1 607 mm (8.8 feet x 5.3 feet). With its rugged aggregated, superior fuel efficiency & low maintenance cost, Intra ensures great profits for its owners. The new line-up is priced between INR 6.55 lakhs and INR 7.62 lakhs[1] ** depending on the model chosen.

“Badle Soch, Badle Zindagi”

*The former number in the range is for the Intra V10 BS6 while the latter is for the Intra V30 BS6.

**Prices will vary slightly and are subject to change. RTO, insurance, and registration costs are not included here.

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