How to improve mileage on a Tata Intra V30 Smart Pickup Truck

How to improve mileage on a Tata Intra V30 Smart Pickup Truck

Tata Motors | Jul 19, 2021 5:17 am
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Tata Intra is a range of new gen pickups built on TML’s “premium tough” design philosophy. Tata Intra V30 is powered by a robust 1496 cm3 (cc) engine which generates power of 52 kW (70 HP) & torque of 140 Nm. It has been designed as a high performance pickup that delivers on strength, comfort, savings and earnings. To derive the best out of these features, here are some handy tips and driving practices drivers can adopt that will help improve mileage and stay ahead of rising fuel costs.

A vehicle’s fuel consumption is linked to many things like individual driving styles, traffic congestion, topography, load carried, etc. All things being equal, you can derive higher fuel economy by following these simple measures.


Manage your speed

While driving, use the least amount of throttle possible. An engine uses most of the fuel in overcoming inertia and attaining speeds from stationary. So to lessen this, you should accelerate in a smooth and steady manner, and push as softly on the accelerator as possible. Speed per say is not necessarily bad, but build the speed gradually. Find the optimum or efficient RPM at which to run the engine, and sustain that as cruising speed.


Plan and Anticipate

Observe the flow of traffic in Tata Intra V30 Smart Pickup Truck, spot traffic signals early so that you can get off the throttle and allow the vehicle to coast to a stop rather than braking hard at the last minute. Nowadays, most traffic lights display the number of seconds left before the signal turns green. Consider switching off the engine at such places. Excessive idling not only wastes precious fuel but also pollutes the environment. Use clutch only when you change gears. Riding the clutch causes loss of energy, damages clutch-linings & also lowers fuel efficiency.


Keep a Check on Tyre Pressure

Tyres are the only contact points between the vehicle & ground. Hence, it is important to keep the tyres inflated at the recommended air pressure. Always monitor and get the pressure checked, ensuring the tyres support a smoother, and more reliable ride that doesn’t expend excess fuel.


Preventive Maintenance

The general tendency is to get the vehicle serviced only when the need arises. Servicing your Intra pickup and replacing its components as per the scheduled maintenance intervals at authorized workshops are vital to keeping it healthy. Only a healthy vehicle will perform optimally and deliver good fuel efficiency.


Load Distribution

When loading your Intra pickup, the load needs to be evenly distributed on the loading deck. Maintaining the height of the load is also very important. All of this means the pickup will take less effort to move around & therefore will result in better fuel efficiency.


Fuel Quality

Adulterated fuel not only lowers the fuel efficiency but also harms the engine. It is advisable to tank up from a reliable fuel pump or one that is company owned.


GSA + Eco Switch

TATA Intra pickup range comes with a first in the segment – gear shift advisor (GSA) & eco switch. The GSA is present in the instrument cluster & indicates the optimum point for shifting gears (using arrows). The driver when he abides by this advice is able to derive higher fuel economy from the pickup. There are 2 different driving modes in the vehicle - ECO and NORMAL. Driver can switch to ECO mode via a button on the dashboard for deriving better fuel economy. NORMAL mode can be used for steep gradients, loaded conditions, frequent braking/city traffic depending on driving condition etc.

Tata Motors is committed to delivering commercial vehicle solutions that focus on superior engineering and technology that are designed to empower customers with not just a pioneering product but the path towards sustainable success. The new Tata Intra V30 with its best-in-class mileage, stands testament to the fact.


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