How to maintain your Tata Intra compact mini truck?

How to maintain your Tata Intra compact mini truck?

Tata Motors | Nov 5, 2019 11:26 am
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Tata Intra Compact Trucks

Right from its modern, expansive and ergonomically designed cabin with low NVH levels, power steering, smaller footprint for easy parking on congested roads to its low turning radius of 4.75m, the Tata Intra compact truck aims to bring comfort and delight to the commercial vehicle driving experience.

Tips to maintain your Tata Intra

  • Use only recommended filtersfor air intake, engine oil and fuelsystem. Replace them atrecommended intervals.
  • Disconnect alternator terminals,while carrying out electricalwelding.
  • Never use water alone in thecoolant system. Always usemixture of clean water andhigher percentage ofcoolant fortopping up or changing.You can carry a can ofproperly mixed coolant fortopping up on-the-go in summer.
  • Get the cause of low engine oilpressure investigated immediately.
  • Immediatelyinvestigate any change in clutch pedal free play.
  • Get your vehicle serviced at a TataMotors Authorised workshop atrecommended intervals and use only recommended grades of oil.
  • Do not modifythe stock chassis frame,springs or axles to carry even higher payloads. It may result inpremature failure of aggregatesand deprive you of warrantybenefits.
  • Dust accumulated in radiator finsshould be cleaned by blowingcompressed air at low pressurefrom the inner side of the radiator.

Good Driving Practices for your compact truck

  • Avoid frequent or sudden accelerations.
  • Do not carry any unnecessary weight as it overloads the engine.
  • Avoid plugging in devices requiring high power consumption during slow traffic conditions.
  • Monitor fuel consumption regularly and if it shows a rising trend, get it attended at a Tata Motors Authorized workshop.
  • Switch off engine during long stops at traffic jams or signals.
  • Stay attuned to the sound of your engine while changing gears. Use each gear upto 2/3rd of its maximum engine speed.

Good maintenance will go a long way in your deriving the maximum benefit from your Tata Intra!

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