What is the Design Journey of Tata Intra?

What is the Design Journey of Tata Intra?

Tata Motors | May 21, 2019 10:23 am
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Empathetic design – Deconstructing the Tata Intra from a customer point of view

Tata Intra has been designed for last mile cargo movement for a rapidly changing India. In the last few years, people have progressed and so have their aspirations and requirements. Keeping this in mind, Tata Motors has come up with a powerful and extremely stylish new compact truck – the Tata Intra.

The quality, premium design, finish and toughness have all been created with a unique thought process and are in perfect sync with the requirements of the last mile cargo mover. The beginnings of Tata Intra began with a very close interaction with the target customer segment. The design team, the product & marketing teams met thousands of customers across the length & breadth of the country for understanding customer requirements in different geographies & applications.

After the initial research – different teams came together to collect and distill the ideas they had collected from end users all over the country. In this process a number of design innovations were created.

The exterior was modeled aesthetically to look both premium and tough at the same time – the large headlamps, door design, dashboard and cabin interiors give a premium and slick look. This was done in acknowledgement of the fact that today, vehicle owners take great pride in not only the utilitarian and commercial use of their vehicles but also their attractiveness– seeing it as a reflection of themselves. In this way, Tata Motors has truly lived up to their custom tag line of Connecting Aspirations in the design journey of the Tata Intra.

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