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What is the Latest Price, Mileage and Specs of Intra BS6?

Tata Motors | May 28, 2021 9:11 am
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In our ever-on-going effort to offer our customers a quality product that punches way above its price-point, we have introduced Tata Intra BS6 range. These BS6 trucks have been upgraded Bumper to Bumper with enhancements across 6 key areas, known as the Promise of 6 - Bigger Performance, Bigger Power, Bigger Comfort, Bigger Savings and Bigger Earnings.

The new Tata Intra BS6 trucks (V10 and V30) come in two variants i.e. Diesel and Petrol. The Diesel variant has a 4-cylinder, 1,496cc engine with a Horsepower of 70 while the Petrol variant uses a 2-cylinder, 798cc engine with a Horsepower of 44. Expect a mileage of 17 kmpl for the V10 and 14 kmpl for the V30.

Tata Intra V10 BS6 weighs 2,120 kg and can carry a maximum payload of 1,000 kg. It features a loading deck of 8.2 x 5.3 feet. The 14-inch 165 R14 LT tyres and 43% gradeability makes it drivable across terrains including steep ghats and 'kutcha' roads. For better comfort, it has a leaf spring suspension (6 in the front and 7 in the rear).

Tata Intra V30 BS6, on the other hand, weighs 2,565 kg. Its 8.8 x 5.3 feet loading deck is able to carry a maximum payload of 1,300 kg. It has 5 leaf spring suspension in the front and 8 in the back. It offers a 37% gradeability with its 14-inch radial tubeless tyres with wider aspect ratio (185 R 14) tyres.

Both trucks come with an Electric Power Assisted Steering System and 2-year/ 72,000 km warranty. For stress-free driving, both trucks offer more cabin space and a 5-speed synchromesh gearbox with cable shift mechanism. All parts like the steering wheel, pedals, dashboard and more have been ergonomically positioned to be within easy reach.

The new Tata Intra BS6 trucks are currently priced between INR 6.26 lakhs and INR 7.22 lakhs*. However, if you add the savings in terms of lower maintenance costs, higher mileage and more load carrying capacity, the total ownership costs of the trucks reduces considerably, making it truly an amazing option to grow your business.

*Prices vary based on the variant selected. Other costs including RTO, transportation, insurance and registration costs are not included.

*Calculated based on frequency and cost of maintenance, cost of the vehicle, etc.

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