What is the on road price of Tata Intra Compact Truck?

What is the on road price of Tata Intra Compact Truck?

Tata Motors | May 21, 2019 10:09 am
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Tata Intra – launch price and description

Tata Intra is the latest offering from TATA Motors in the ever-expanding Small commercial vehicle segment.

Tata Intra was introduced with a big bang introduction at the auto expo in 2018. The launch price of the base model is speculated to be around 6 Lakhs Indian Rupees. Customers will be required to pay for registration, insurance, tax and other charges over and above this amount. The vehicle comes with a standard warranty of 2 years or 72000 kms & should take care of the needs of majority of the customers.

Tata Intra has been created to provide customers a rugged & powerful yet very stylish solution for their transportation needs.

Much stronger than other vehicles in its class, Intra with a 1.4L engine has a payload of 1,100 kgs

Majority of the customers in this segment being owner drivers, a comfortable driving experience is something which would be of paramount importance to them. At the same time they also wish for a vehicle which would maximize revenues for them by being suitable for carrying different type of loads over different terrains & on varied leads. Intra occupies this white space of vehicles with an overall compact design yet a larger load body, a stylish vehicle yet rugged & powerful. India truly has never seen the likes of such a vehicle in this segment till now.

Intra comes with an optional AC variant, numerous comfort and convenience features such as power steering, seats with head rest, a lockable glove box, mobile charging point, bottle holder and storage pockets.

Design-wise, Intra is a total overhaul from previous Mini trucks by Tata. It comes with a modular console and electronic cluster, highlights around the centre console and air-conditioning vents match the exterior colour of the vehicle.

The exterior itself is extremely slick and tough looking. The display units impressed the customers with single-DIN audio system, and LED tail lights. Tata Intra promises to make driving more efficient, faster and smoother and become a tool for harnessing opportunities by providing:

  • Stylish modern looks. Power steering, ergonomic seats, big headlamps & large windscreen
  • Comfortable cabin with low NVH levels
  • Large load body dimensions in a compact footprint
  • Front and rear over slung spring suspension
  • Power and acceleration
  • Intra V20 comes with a Gear shift advisor (GSA) which is a first in the segment and promises to give best in class on road fuel efficiency

The Intra is available in Josh Blue and Thunder Gold exterior colours.

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